Go2Shell App Reviews

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Thank you

Thank you for the new version :) I had to rename the application iterm2 (which name is still iterm.app) but otherwise it works fine.

Worked really well!

Simple and perfect!

Very nice

Just works! :)

Do what it is suposed to do

Simple, and useful!

Maverics issue

If you’re using Maverics, you need to first hold down Option+Command and then start dragging the Go2Shell icon to the toolbar.


Please update the icon for OS 10.10 Yosemite ! It’s a great app

doesnt work for me

It doesnt work for me :-( It opens a terminal windows, but always in the user home directory.

Thank you for this program!

This program is nice to have if you work with the terminal alot. Simply click on this icon and a shell opens in the selected folder. Very very nice app!


for free and very useful! Must have for developer and terminal friends. :)


Nice tool! Works realy well and is much faster than my apple script. +1

Great Job!

Thank youuuuuu!

Nice app, but...

unfortunately, at least for iTerm2, it always opens a new window. Id love an option to oben a new tab instead. Until then, only 4 stars.

Nice app

A nice app, but I would prefer to open a new tab instead of a new window.

really awesome

thanks for making such a great app for free!

Perfect TermHere replacement

I used to use the nice Application TermHere for the same purpose for the last five years. This works just as well.


best practical app ever… i just click on it all day….

Simple but good

Simple app but very good. Fixes missing feature in OS. Thx


What a novel idea. Simple, but works! The icon should be grey though, to properly match the Finder window toolbar buttons ;)

Small problem with version 1.2

When you click the button it sometimes opens 2 terminal windows. But I give it 5 stars anyway!


Works brilliantly, (though some issues if you have your terminal in your apps folder, or rename iTerm2 to iTerm). Thanks for the great helper.

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